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How to make EAA magazines/followers lock the slide back.

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Re: How to make EAA magazines/followers lock the slide back.

Postby majsu » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:55 pm

I noticed there has been reference to 9mm and 40S&W needing modifications in order to get the slide to lock when the mag empties. I have a full size steel .45 ACP and purchased a few additional mags. Two of these were purchased from CDNN and were listed for an EAA Witness and were 10 round mags.

I use these on a regular basis and I haven't had any issue with them not keeping the slide open on an empty magazine. The follower is a little higher than the IWI mags that came with the pistol, but they seem to work flawlessly.

Otherwise great information...

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Re: How to make EAA magazines/followers lock the slide back.

Postby Sticks » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:17 am

Sorry to dredge up this old thread, but I found it in a search because I am having the same problem with both of my BE FS Steel .40s

I picked up 5 mags on Gunbroker that are EAA manufacture .41AE. They load and feed fine, but will not lock the slide back or drop with the mag release. After a thorough inspection of the operation, I found the same as the rest of you. The OEM Magnum Research mags have an enlarged notch for the slide lock, whereas the EAA version is tapered and smaller.

Once the follower reaches the side lock lever, it gets canted and wedges the mag in the frame.

Has anyone found an after marked follower that will work, or are we kind of stuck with modifying the slide release lever as mentioned previously?

I was actually pondering trying to apply some epoxy to the follower and sanding it down to the same shape as the MR OEM mags, but I would prefer to have the correct follower.

EDIT - I should note that the OEM MR mag followers do not work in the EAA mags, since that was my initial thought for replacement.
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