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Re: Ammo?

Postby jw380 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:37 pm


Just got back from the range. We were issued our new duty ammo along with the new guns. The agency stayed with the Winchester Ranger SXT +P+. Same stuff we've used for years. Got to shoot off the old stuff. Little bit of difference between the 147 grain +P+ and the standard 115 grain ball ammo we train with.
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Re: Ammo?

Postby joetama » Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:59 am

I reload so I don't have to ammo search. I like Titegroup which isn't too dirty and seems to burn well. I've got some Vihtavuori N320 that is supposed to be even cleaner and smoother burning but I just haven't had the time or drive to develop another load.

But, when I did play the ammo searching game Wal-Mart ammo department would be my first stop. I hate the store otherwise but I'll take advantage of their buying power when it comes to ammo. Plus, there used to be a cute girl that worked the hunting counter. :roll:

Anyway, I like the Federal Purple box > American Eagle (Federal)> PMC > WWB > Lawman> Blazer Brass > UMC. In pretty much that order. American Eagle, PMC, Blazer Brass, Lawman, & WWB are all pretty much equal in reliability. Although I will say Lawman and WWB can be a tad on the dirty side. I do avoid UMC if I can it just seems really dirty and gritty when cleaning later. Plus, with UMC 180 grain in 40 S&W my accuracy goes all to hell. Their 165 grain isn't as bad but I am a lot more accurate with the other brands. I do buy new ammo on occasion but that is mostly for the brass.

You can find discount, surplus, or professionally reloaded ammo but some of that stuff scares me a little. I know with my press, Dillon XL 650, it is almost impossible to make a mistake if you pay attention but that is what worries me.
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Re: Ammo?

Postby Stripes » Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:42 pm

The US Military has been "neutralizing" many enemys for many years with .45 ACP Ball Ammo. However I cary Winchester SXT in my .45 and 9 both. I just got back from the local Gun Show and found 2 dealers who had the old Winchester Black Talons. Great ammo but at $125.00 (yes I typed it and you read it right) for 20 rounds I can buy a whole bunch of WalyWorld 100 round WB.
I like the 9mm Winchester 127 Grn +P+ SXT because if it is listed as a "Special Threat" round in the specs of my body armor, it must be good for your average everyday Zombies.

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Re: Ammo?

Postby DangerousFat » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:54 pm

Ok, two things, first off... from what research I've done (albeit not a WHOLE lot) the new Winchester SXT is supposed to be the exact same if not better than Black Talon, the running gag is that SXT stands for Same eXact Thing. Anyway, with that out of the way, I just wanted to confirm you're firing SXT .45 form your Jericho? I mean, I figured the gun should be able to handle it, but it's not "technically" rated for it.

Thanks a bunch,
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Re: Ammo?

Postby majsu » Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:48 pm

Since I don't reload, I try to purchase the best ammo for the buck I can find. Since I find that my .45 Jericho eats just about anything, I have been able to bargain shop for plinking ammo.

Currently I'm using "MFS" 230 grain FMJ that I purchased from Cabala's for $14.99/50 rounds. For me this ammo burns clean and after 400 rounds through the pistol, I don't have any miss-feeds or FTF to report. I've also shot Wolf (too Dirty), S&B, WWB, UMC green and Federals (all 230gr) and all shoot well through the weapon.

For defense, I opted for a Glaser Pow'RBall 165gr I purchased form Dakota. Since I live in NJ and HP is really really frowned upon, I wanted a round that would have the power and effect of a HP without the legal problems. At 550 ftlbs, I think this ought to do the trick. Though the gun isn't rated for +p, since it's for defense, I don't use much.

For my Bersa UC 9mm the same rules apply, any in-expensive FMJ (brass) is OK since like the Jericho, it eats anything w/o complaints. For a defensive round, I use the Hornady Critical Defense for the same reason I use the Pow'RBall in the .45. At 1135 ftps and 329 ftlbs, I feel it will do a decent job.
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Re: Ammo?

Postby pacquiao » Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:58 pm

Hi ,

I found the Fiocchi 125 FMJ, brown box to group tightest, magtech guardian gold 115+p still impacts within my 6 x 8" target sheet at 20 yards. But Golden Sabers 124 and Federal Hydro Shoks reside in my mags, the fiocchis sit inside my CZ 26 capacity magazine'
by the way My piece is the 9mm 941f.
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Re: Ammo?

Postby majsu » Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:27 am

To be honest, I use whatever is the best quality for the price. I've put everything from MFS to Federal to Winchester to Remington to Corbon. The only thing I won't use is WOLF or any steel casing cartridge in my 941 .45.

The great thing about this weapon is it eats anything. A good cleaning after a day at the range and I haven't really and any problems at all.
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Re: Ammo?

Postby lespaul » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:23 pm

hey Orionk9. i have put MFS 9mm 115gn fmj's, sellier & bellot 124gn and the winchester ranger 147gn. they all work very well if you havent tried those. i just picked up some 124gn blazer alloy case but havent tried it yet. havent had any of those issues with they first ammo i mentioned
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