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Outdoor Blades (knives, axes, saws, etc)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:27 am
by ahesse1488
Share your outdoor blades and your experiences with the blades ( ie poor quality dont buy, awesome blade i beat the hell out of it for years etc).

I noticed someone had a picture of the SOG Jungle Primitive(not in picture)...DON'T use it for batoning/split or any hard duty work. the knives 420 steel sucks and dented all over from processing 2inch diameter branches. I contacted SOG and they will be sending me a new one; however I will not be using it for anything other than machete-work and/or cutting off zombie heads :?
Since I don't have much use for a machete and as far as I'm aware zombies are still fictional and bound to the constraints of literature, it will be used as a cool looking paper weight.

Just got the newly released by BUCK "Hoodlum" knife. Seems like a beast. took it out on a hike to test it out a bit and thus far is proving to be a great knife. (top most knife in pic)

Long proven and highly recommended knife is the Kabar Heavy Bowie (bottom most knife in pic). Been beating that for 2 years now in temperatures ranging from -5*F to 90*+F. I have a feeling my unborn child will be inheriting this knife some day.