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Pepper Blaster by Kimber

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:40 pm
by raymillsus
This is not your mothers pepper spray. This unit is pretty awesome actually. It has a charge inside that propells a piston upwards toward the nozzels. There are 2 charges that propell the irritant at 90mph in order to cut through wind and not effect the user/victim by the use of the device. I bought one of these for my wife. (I wanted to put something else in her purse but she is not ready for it. This is a great device to have for her that she loves the feel of it and it has 2 full charges not multiple small charges. There is a warning not to use it within 2 feet due to the eye damage that it would cause. The advice I gave my wife is even within 2 feet use it if you have to because what I carry would hurt more within 2 feet than the pepper blaster. This advice was for my wife and not to be taken as gospel. :mrgreen: