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new to forum, on my third...

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:51 pm
by dinolord
got a semi-compact .40 a while back. picked it up needing a firing pin. located and replaced firing pin. instant love. the tight construction and all steel leads to great shooting.

it's an MRI "Desert Eagle".

that gun got me hooked on these things. after doing a bunch of research, i knew much more about them.

i then stumbled upon a NIB, unfired Jericho 941B compact. so of course i bought it.
...then a buddy of mine(he already had a baby eagle in .45) just had to have it, made an offer i couldn't it left.

then, i stumbled upon the original today...couldn't leave without it.
9mm/.41AE Jericho 941 by IMI, imported by KBI.
4-digit serial number. cam with the 9 barrel in it, 2x 41 barrels, 1 41 spring, both cleaning brushes, etc. unfortunately, no mags or case.


few quick questions:
where is the best place for mags? need a couple 9's and at least 1 40(i only have 1 for the .40 and it annoys me). cdnn the best source?
what's an honest value for the 40 and the 9/41? i've considered selling to buy myself a nice AR-15, but not sure. i love shooting the 40, it stays in a holster in my console. and i know the 9/41 is a collector piece.

Re: new to forum, on my third...

PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:54 pm
by warbird1
Great pistols indeed. You might try some Hogue grips. For me they make the gun even better.