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Israel Arms Ltd. ~ Israel Arms International

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:30 am
by boscoman
Israel Arms International: 1996-2002

Israel Arms International incorporated in Texas in November 1996 at 5709 Hartsdale Dr. in Houston. The corporate records identify Richard Nahman as the company President.

The Twenty-Eighth Edition (2007) of The Blue Book of Gun Values indicates Israel Arms International was previously the exclusive importer and distributor for Israel Arms Ltd. of Kfar Saba in Israel. These weapons included at least eight semi-automatic handguns (1997-2001), the Model 333 M1 Garand (2000-2001), and an FN FAL (2000-2001). Two of their handgun models were manufactured in the Philippines. The FN FAL was manufactured by Imbel of Brazil.

Israel Arms International's website first appeared in December 1998, indicating they were an importer of firearms made in Israel. The website also indicated they manufactured the Model M888 M1 carbine in Houston. Advertisements placed by IAI

1998-1999 indicated the M888 M1 carbine was "all new".

According to later bankruptcy court records (see below), "Israel Arms International coordinated selection and ordering of rifle parts from vendors and arranged for subsequent assembly of rifle parts by third parties." Like prior commercial manufacturers, IAI initially used surplus GI parts as much as possible. The source for these parts varied at different times and in different quantities. IAI obtained them wherever and whenever they could find them. Also like the other commercial carbine manufacturers, the two parts IAI was unable to obtain as GI surplus were the receivers and barrels.

Because of their use of "Israel" in their company name, IAI has frequently been confused with Israel Military Industries (IMI), the civilian sales division of the military weapons manufacturer for the nation of Israel. Because of their use of the initials IAI, this company has often been confused with Irwindale Arms Incorporated of Irwindale, CA. Israel Arms International was not related to either of these companies.